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“Fairfax County and Lee District benefit from the diversity in our community, and we must strive for more inclusion and equity in our neighborhoods. This change starts at the local level. With Larysa Kautz on the Board of Supervisors, we know that people of all different faiths, races, and orientations will have an ally that does not simply promote inclusion, but takes action. We are endorsing Larysa for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors because we need a Supervisor who will fight to make Fairfax County the best place to live, work and raise a family for every person.”


Sofia Begg Latif, Senior Operations Officer, Avaaz & Farhan Latif, President, El-Hibri Foundation

"As a working mother of two young children and former candidate for the Alexandria City School Board, I am excited to endorse Larysa Kautz for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Larysa is would be a tremendous advocate for working families in Lee District. She recognizes that residents are struggling to find affordable housing, pay for medical expenses, and find the time to spend with their families after working long hours and navigating long commutes. Larysa is committed to finding creative solutions to problems by encouraging more public-private-partnerships, supporting our youngest citizens by making universal pre-k a reality, and living up to the One Fairfax Policy. I'm thrilled to offer her my support."


Jewelyn Cosgrove, Former Candidate, Alexandria School Board

“There is no person better suited to be the next member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for Lee District than Larysa Kautz. I’ve worked with Larysa in a professional capacity on dozens of cases.  She is intelligent, wise and caring about the employees and individuals supported by her employer.  Larysa was inspired to enter this race to bring about change after realizing she wanted to use her voice and personal experiences to make a difference in the lives of Lee District working families. Lee District needs a leader who can make this all a reality. I know that Larysa will use her unwavering integrity, passion and energy for the working families of Lee District.”

Laura Rubenstein, Partner, Wright, Constable & Skeen 

“From the time I met Larysa in our Emerge Virginia class, I knew that she was superbly qualified to run for office. As an immigrant, I know that Larysa’s experience as a first generation American makes her uniquely prepared to advocate for our most vulnerable community members. It also means that she has fought and advocated her whole life for others and she has the passion and expertise to fight for every resident and employee of Lee District. And as the mom of two children in public schools, I know we need a working mom on the Board who has the foresight to make long term investments in our school programs, our teachers, and our students. Larysa is the only candidate who can take on this challenge and deliver results for every resident of Lee District.”

Irina Khanin, Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates

Melissa Dart, Former Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates

"As a small business owner who works with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and as a resident of Lee District, I know that our next Supervisor must be able to bring many different people to the table and find ways to connect groups who are often at odds with each other. There is no other candidate in this race more qualified to do this than Larysa Kautz. Her professional experiences in law, business, nonprofit management, and government relations have prepared her to listen to the ideas, concerns, frustrations, and hopes of all Lee District residents, and use what she learns to make transparent decisions about the future of our District.”


Jennifer Stinebiser, Founder & Principal, Leischer Communications, LLC

“When I ran for office in 2017, I did so because I wanted to take my experience advocating for myself, my family, and the nursing field, and advocate for the people of Virginia. The people of Fairfax County deserve a leader who has advocated her whole life for herself and others around her. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Larysa Kautz for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Larysa will fight for the people of Lee District and ensure access to early childhood education, develop new solutions to affordable housing, and expand access to health care, including expanded resources for mental health.”

Chelsea Savage, Former Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates

“As a community builder, a former representative on the Successful Children and Youth Policy Team, a One Fairfax Roundtable member, and small business owner, I know we need leaders who are committed to investing in our children, in our communities, and in our labor force. Larysa has the experience and authentic motivation to serve as the next Lee District Supervisor.  Most importantly, she has the passion, the drive, the skills to move the County and Lee District to the next phase of its development in a way that promotes inclusion and celebrates our diversity. I am proud to support Larysa Kautz to be the next Lee District Supervisor.”

Donielle Scherff, Community Representative, Successful Children & Youth Policy Team (SCYPT)

Raquel Tamez, CEO, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

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