Fairfax County should be a place where our residents thrive no matter their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability, or immigration status.

The diversity of viewpoints that comes from different life experiences and cultural backgrounds strengthens and enhances our community.

An awareness of how systemic inequities have affected Fairfax County residents is critical to deepen the impact and relevance of County services, programs, and initiatives.

  • Supporting Working Families

  • Expanding Access to Decent Affordable Housing

  • Ensuring Access to Preschool & a Quality Education for Every Child

  • Expanding Workforce Training & Development

  • Developing Clean Energy Jobs & Initiatives

  • Reforming the Criminal Justice & Immigration Enforcement Systems

  • Supporting Small Businesses

  • Ensuring a Secure & Dignified Retirement

  • Addiction Prevention & Treatment

  • Ensuring Access to Health Care, Including Expanded Resources for Mental Health

  • Income Equality

  • Full Inclusion for People with Disabilities

  • Guaranteeing Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and LGBTQ Rights

  • Protecting Public Lands and Waters

  • Supporting Veterans, Service Members, and Military Families

  • Ending Intimate Partner Violence

  • Preventing Gun Violence

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